Armadis les vignerons du gerland - gers (32)

Deep in the south of France lies the province of Gascony.
From here, from the sub-regions of Bas Armagnac, Haut Armagnac and the Tenareze, comes the oldest and many believe the best of all the french brandies; a brandy wich dates from the early 1400's, ARMAGNAC.

The CHABOT Family, wine producers from the village of LABASTIDE D'ARMAGNAC, founded the company in 1828.

In those days, the family resources came from the production of grapes wich were used to make the wine necessary fror the distillation of Armagnac.

Breeding geese's and cattle was the other ressource.

The goose appears to be one of the oldest tamed animals. For centeries man has used her. At Chabot's, geese were used as guardians of the premises where the oldest Armagnac brandies were kept in the deep, dark ageing cellars. Better than dogs and carefree, they prevented any attempt on strangers to penetrate the cellars.

CHABOT no longer uses geese as guardians, but the tradition of making unmatched quality Armagnac still remains after 150years.

In celebration of the 150TH Anniversary of the Company, it was decided that Haviland, The World Renowned Limoges porcelain manufacturers would revive the ancient tradition by designing, modeling and creating en exclusive "Objet d'art" in porcelain representing a Gascony Goose.

CHABOT then filled this unique porcelain decanter with their finest XO Armagnac, smooth, mellow and gold in colour from the long years of quiet ageing in their cellars.a