Armadis les vignerons du gerland - gers (32)

ARMADIS prepares and bottles fruit in Armagnac.

This by-product has been a speciality of Armadis since 1950 which makes it one of the major companies still operating in this market segment in France and in Europe.

Main bottled fruits and their origin

Agen Prunes, lot-et-Garonne

Morello Cherries, Eastern France or Germany

Raspberries, Central France

Cherry Plums, Eastern France

Cherries, Rhône Valley

Method of preparation

For each fruit, we prepare a liqueur of 28% to 36% by volume of alcohol based on the Armagnac of the year (count0) to which is added sugar (about 250gr/litre depending on the fruit) and the natural aromas of the fruit being bottle.

  • Agen Prunes :After receiving the dried prunes, they are rehydrated before being macerated in the liqueur.
  • Red Fruit :The fruits is preserved all year round in cold storage and defrosted before bottling.
  • Plum cherries :They are preserved in a light syrup then soaked in the liqueur.

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