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For centuries La Gascogne has been a LAND OF TRADITION where good things in life are appreciated.

Curious and in love with his homeland, it seems natural that a Gascon succeeded in creating this harmonious and subtle mix between exotic Passion Fruit and the force of young Armagnac.

This particular product was born on April 2nd when a Gascon decided to give his passion the name of the Saint of the day : SANDRINE. The illustration on the bottle was so appealing that he decided to add "LA BELLE".

After several months of perfecting the formula, La Belle Sandrine has become a product which is technically perfect with a delicate taste.

Assets :

An aperitif at 16° alcohol. Based on natural fruit pulp, passion fruit and young Armagnac, La Belle Sandrine is a particularly harmonious mix.

To be served chilled

Smooth and sweet with surprising strength thanks to armagnac, young or old, men and women appreciate La Belle Sandrine.

Because of its' light alcohol concentration, La Belle Sandrine can be sipped at any time of the day or night. To fully appreciate its' flavor and subtleties, La Belle Sandrine must be served chilled with several ice cubes.

More than just an aperitif : A true Passion!

A captivating and unique aperitif

La Belle Sandrine is a subtle and harmonious marriage reuniting the exotic and magic taste of passion fruit and the strength of one of the most elite fine alcohols in the world : Armagnac.

A marvelous mix of ingredients, this before dinner drink should be consumed pure but also marries nicely with many other types of drinks and alcohol.

Don't wait a minute longer, live a true passion, both ardent and sweet with she who will never leave you : LA BELLE SANDRINE.

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