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"PANJY is a local product from Panjas in the heart of the "Armagnac" registered designation of origin area".

PANJY comes from the distillation, using the Armagnac method, of a continuous jet of wine from a local grape variety (baco blanc).

The climate in our micro-region is particularly suitable for the slow and progressive maturation of grapes in September.
The wine has been vinified naturally and traditionally for generations.
Distilling takes place in December after the wine harvest in our distillation workshop equipped with 4 Armagnac stills.

After distillation, the freshly made brandy, still with a flowery aroma, is around 65° proof and is stored in carefully selected oak casks to guarantee the interaction of the alcohol and the very mild tannins, thus releasing particularly seductive natural aromas.
This privileged moment in the relationship between the cask and the brandy is regularly controlled by tasting from each cask.

Once the right balance has been achieved, the entire batch is homogenised and the alcohol reduced to 40° proof at the end of the operation.
This product was perfected by the Cave de Panjas cellar masters after several years of research and experimenting.

PANJY is a young Armagnac (3 years maximum) and is the result of a careful process in our cellars. It can be drunk both "during the day and at night".

PANJY likes to party: atmosphere and conviviality guaranteed.


  • Dry with ice-cubes
  • In a cocktail with orange juice or sodas